I will share a guide on how many times can you use a VA loan. You can take multiple VA loans and even put your residential property on rent. Make sure you follow these listed guidelines and take countless VA loan and can even have multiple VA loan at the same time.

VA loan is one of the best loans for a veteran. VA loans are also referred to as Veterans Affairs loans. If you have served in any branch of the United States military then you are eligible for VA loans. As per the Govt, there is no limit on VA loans. Yes! you heard it correct. You can take loans as many times as you wanted. But you need to qualify for every loan. Let us discuss in detail how many times can you use a VA loan.

The qualification process can be a bit difficult as it requires a lot of documents and your past settlement. In some cases, it is found that veterans can take loans even when their VA loan is already present. It completely depends upon your documentation and qualification process.

Note: Even a surviving spouse of a veteran can take a VA loan.

How Many Times can you Use a VA loan?

As I said there is no limit to take VA loans. But make sure you follow certain criteria. Some conditions are different like for serving officials and non-serving officials. It is easy to get a second VA loan if you are serving in the US military. And if you are not serving, then you can take, but the process has some more guidelines on how many times can you use a VA loan.

How to Take second VA loan without Selling Property – Put Property on Rent

If you are changing the place of residence but want to keep your earlier home. This option is available for service members who are working and their station is changing to another place. In this situation, you can say to keep your earlier residence location and want another VA loan.

You will get a VA loan even if your earlier place of residence is on loan and you are looking to buy another home. You can even put your earlier home on rent and then buy a new home. All this is allowed under this VA loan scheme.

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How to Take second VA loan Multiple time For Non Serving

You can even take a VA loan multiple times if you are no more serving in the US Armed forces. All you need to do is follow some guidelines. When you take a VA loan then VA takes the guarantee for 25% even if you default to pay the money. So make sure you are paying enough money for your first VA loan.

How Many Times can you Use a VA Loan using Entitlement limit

If you bought a home loan of 100,000 and use all your 25% entitlement, you can’t take another loan. But if you take 15% entitlement, then you have 10% more left for the second loan. To check your entitlement limit, visit the official site link.

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Later apply for another VA loan after paying a minimum of 75% loan. But make sure you pay the amount when you are going to get a second VA loan. In this case, you can pay your first VA loan using the second VA loan money. And you are ready to go with the second property.

Several people pay a VA loan and then put the property on rent and pay the full VA loan to take another residential property. Make sure you don’t default and pay your money on time.


If you are serving and your station changes then it’s quite easy to take multiple VA loans as your station changes. Even an entitlement limit doesn’t create any problem. But if you are non-serving, then it can be a bit hard.

In my personal opinion, don’t go for how many times can you use a VA loan. If you have one residential home and its okay, then there is no need to go for a second residential property.