I will share the 8 best tips to pay off student loans fast. You can pay all your complete loans in time. I will share a tweak to pay your student loan without increasing loan installment.How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast

The rising costs of college tuition have made it more default for students to follow their desired career path. In this case, student loans have become the only solution for this problem. In the first quarter of 2021, the total student debt in the USA rose to a staggering $1.7 trillion. This amount includes both private and federal loans held by 42 million US citizens.

This means that approximately one in six adults in America pays for a student loan. According to statistics from 2019, 62% of the students had debt after graduation. This leaves many students worried about their financial stability, as monthly payments can make a large chunk of our income.

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However, don’t let these facts put pressure on you. In this post, I will share some tips on how to pay off student loans fast. After reading, you will know how much it takes to pay off your student loans. Make sure that you don’t miss any of the critical information and valuable tips!

How to pay off student loans fast

If you want to know how long it takes to pay off student debt, keep in mind that it depends on the total borrowed amount. On average, the repayment schedule is for 15 to 18 years. However, keep in mind that some colleges have higher tuition costs so that the repayments will increase. Expect to pay off your student debt after 25 years if you sign up for medical, law, or dental school. Students pay off their debt from their earnings after the grace period. This means that you have a couple of months after graduation to find a job before you start repaying your student loan. 

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If you want to pay off your student loans fast, there are a few things that you should know. I will share some valuable tips that will free you from debt sooner than your repayment terms. 

1. Paying off your loans while you’re still in school

While you aren’t obligated to pay off your loans while still in school, it will be beneficial for knocking down debt faster. You can pay the balance and interest, even when the terms are defined after your graduation. As a student, you can get a part-time job or start a side gig to help you earn money. 

2. Increasing monthly payments

Increasing the monthly payments will put more money toward paying your debt. Also, keep in mind that there are no penalties if you pay more than the defined monthly payment. If you make overpayments, make sure to let the servicers know that you wish to make a payment towards the balance. 

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3. Making bi-weekly payments

Bi-weekly payments will stimulate you to pay off your loan faster. All you need to do is pay half of your monthly payment every two weeks. This will add one extra payment to your annual schedule and help you knock down the debt faster. 

4. Budgeting

If you want to pay off student debt fast, plan your budget for the month. Take out the amount you wish to return each month, and divide the remaining fund into different categories such as bills, groceries, entertainment, etc. 

5. Reducing spending on unnecessary items

Many of us are guilty of making impulsive purchases, so do our best to limit them. Always make a shopping list when going to the store to avoid buying things you don’t need. 

6. Increasing workload/hours at work

When you earn more money, you can put a higher monthly amount into paying off your debt. Ask your boss to increase the working hours or workload for suitable compensation. Your future self will be thankful for putting in all that hard work when the student loan balance reaches a zero. Alternatively, you can start a side hustle to earn more money. You can make a garage sale, rent a parking spot, a room, or offer our professional services to people. 

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7. Putting your tax refunds to good use

Whenever you get extra money, put it towards paying off debt. You are recommended to direct at least half of the extra cash to pay off your student loans. From The remaining half, take away a large portion for your savings account. Reserve a smaller amount for your own needs, and make sure to stick to your initial budgeting plan.

8. Using a loans calculator to find out how much you can pay back per month

A student loan calculator is a valuable tool that will give you insights into the remaining balance you owe, how fast you can pay it off, and how much you can save on interest. If you decide to direct more money to pay off debt, you will find out that you will cut down on the interest. 


  • When you are still in school, find an income source and start paying your debt right away.
  • Pay more than the defined monthly payments to shed the debt fast.
  • Use the bi-weekly method to add one more payment to your annual schedule.
  • Let the debt become your first property when budgeting.
  • Avoid impulsive purchases.
  • Increase your working hours or start a side hustle to increase your income.
  • Dedicate half of your tax refunds or other unexpected money to paying off debt. 
  • Use a student loan calculator to see on which date you will become debt-free.

Final thoughts

After going through my detailed post, you are ready to pay off student loans fast. My practical tips and tricks helped you get a better understanding of how to get out of debt. It is all in the small steps that you take on a daily basis.

Remember to plan your spendings, pay more than just the defined monthly payments, and put any extra money such as tax refunds to good use. You can pay off your loans fast if you work on improving your financial situation. Don’t forget that there are no penalties if you pay it off ahead of time, which goes in your favor. 

I wish you good luck in paying the student debt faster to fulfill your dreams soon!