Check complete detail on biden student loan executive order. Students don’t have to pay installment for next 9 months with several other benefits.Biden Student Loan Executive Order

What Is Biden Student Loan Executive Order

Once Biden officially became the president of the USA, he signed the Biden student loan executive order. This resulted from his promised student loan reforms for the pandemic relief and resulted in a postponed payment period for nine months for student loans. Both payments and interest are delayed until the end of September 2021, but students can still pay their loans with the benefit of 0% interest. This allows borrowers to cover their living expenses and make it through the challenging financial situation caused by the pandemic. Besides, borrowers can reallocate their funds to cover the high-interest debt.

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A student loan cancellation plan was also mentioned, which brings hopes to 45 million Americans with student debt. With student loans being second on the list of largest debt sources right after mortgage, the execution of this plan will help people get out of debt faster.

Biden student loan forgiveness plan

Knowing about the Biden student loan executive order benefits, many would like to know whether the order includes loan forgiveness. Eve thought the president said that he supports loan forgiveness, but it wasn’t included in the executive order. However, two numbers are in play: $10,000 and $50,000 as a part of the student loan forgiveness program.

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What to expect from the student loan forgiveness

Americans owe around $1.7 trillion in student debt. What would the Biden student loan executive order mean for them? If the final decision is to forgive $10,000, this means that around $75 billion in student debt would be erased. In total, this would make 15.3 million Americans debt-free.

If the second option is applied and the student loan forgiveness program cancels $50,000, this would erase the debt of $686.5 billion. Also, student loan holders wouldn’t have to worry about taxes. The student loan forgiveness will be tax-free, according to the stimulus bill in response to the pandemic.

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However, Biden’s plans extend to far more than just loan forgiveness. He will put effort into making college more available for students. Some of the benefits stated are free education if you make less than $125,000 per year, erasing loans, and offering free tuition for college students. However, parents saving for college and high schoolers still don’t know what to expect in the future.

Does loan forgiveness apply to private loans?

The student loan canceling program raises another critical question. Does the Biden student loan executive order cover private loans? Keep in mind that private loan holders aren’t eligible for this program. The government doesn’t have power over the private lenders, leaving $119 billion worth of student debt that can’t be canceled out.

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All of the measures in the Biden student loan executive order are intended towards the federal loans. Many students would consider refinancing their loans to achieve better conditions, such as lower interest rates. However, refinancing a loan isn’t as simple as you might think. It means that you will get a new private loan to cover your existing one. Hence, you will lose your federal benefits.


The current bid student loan executive order is oriented towards postponing the loan payments. Student loan holders have the privilege to delay their payments until the end of September 2021 and won’t have to pay interest for the period of delay. This was part of the measures to respond to the pandemic, referring only to the federal loans. However, this isn’t the only benefit for students. Biden announces reforms in the education field, with plenty of advantages coming in the future. The future browser and parents saving for college should be on the look for more updates regarding this topic.